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Executive Director: Maurice Taylor                    Phone: 215-200-8029                     Email: mmaurice@inspirephiladelphia.org


The mission of Inspire Philadelphia is to positively reshape and strengthen Philadelphia: One Child, One Family and One Community at a time.

We do this by providing dynamic, interactive, and transformational programming and services g‍‍‍eared towards breaking the chains of intergenerational poverty in some of the more underserved communities in Philadelphia.

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All O‍‍‍ur Children Deserve an Education

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We Provide Programming in the Kensington and Strawberry Mansion/Sharswood Communities


‍‍‍‍‍‍One Ch‍‍‍ild

One Family

One Community

at a time. 

‍‍‍Strawberry Mansion/Sharswood

Highest incidence of youth shooting victims in Philadelphia

 (14% of all child shootings in the City) 

Highest rates of child abuse and neglect in Philadelphia

(2.5x higher than average) 


Highest cluster of people in poverty in the City of Philadelphia. 

(60% poverty rate) 

Low rate of graduation from High School

(40% Graduation Rate from High School)

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Abuse, Crime, Hunger, Neglect, and Poverty should not be the norm for our most vulnerable population. 

In an effort to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve, Inspi‍‍‍re Philadelphia’s programs and activities will be based around these three core areas of focus:

Fitness and Health Awareness/Engagement

Community Education Enrichment

‍‍‍Creative and Performing Arts

The One less foundation

city year







D‍o gooders


A very special thanks to our community partners!

Earlier this year, Inspire Philadelphia was honored to receive at $1,500 grant from DoGooders Philadelphia, a grassroots organization supporting a variety of organizations and individua‍‍‍l charitable endeavors, for the continuation of our highly successful afterschool science program. We thank them generosity and their belief in Inspire Philly!